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An Amazing opportunity To Learn from the Best And Brightest


Google Digital Garage

Get face-to-face business coaching from Google Digital Garage. Join us for free face-to-face courses in digital skills at the New Business Show, with the opportunity for bespoke one-to-one mentoring from one of our independent digital experts.

Sponsor of the Google Digital Garage


Wealth Academy Masterclass

WealthAcademy provides business training, education and live events to help dreamers, small business owners and entrepreneurs start, grow and scale their business online.

Sponsor of the Wealth Academy Masterclass


Trading and Investing Masterclass

Learn EXACTLY how to fast-track your home trading and investment results with these rules based Forex and Stock Market trading strategies.

Sponsor of the Trading and Investing Masterclass


Create Your Property Business Masterclass

Discover How You Can Create a business that everyone on the Times Rich List has in common when you attend this Masterclass.

Sponsor of the Create Your Property Business Masterclass


The Internet Business School

The Internet Business School provides Level 3 & 4 accredited Internet Business School Founder, Simon Coulson Marketing Courses. Founded in 2007 by successful online entrepreneur, Simon Coulson Internet Business School is the place to learn everything you need to put your business online.

Sponsor of the The Internet Business School


Better Business Accounts Masterclass

Experts from Revolut explain common pitfalls and mistakes when choosing a business account, and how choosing the right one can be a game changer for your company.

Sponsor of the Better Business Accounts Masterclass


Boost Your Memory In One Hour

Come and see for yourself the remarkable capabilities of your brain!

Sponsor of the Boost Your Memory In One Hour


Intellectual Property Explained

Find out how to protect your business and the creative elements through intellectual property.

Sponsor of the Intellectual Property Explained


Property Investment Business Masterclass

Building a Property Investment and Development Business can only be for serious entrepreneurs. Many ignore this sector because they misunderstand property, they think it’s too risky or because they feel that they don’t have enough cash to make it work. In this brief seminar, we will show you how to build a sustainable business with very little cash and how to minimise your risk.

Sponsor of the Property Investment Business Masterclass


Real Life Business Lessons Masterclass

Once upon a time these entrepreneurs where just like you. Small seeds of a business with the potential to grow. Through the highs and lows they learnt a few things and despite the challenges, they succeeded. And now they’re back to show you how. Join the Masterclass series to learn real lessons from real business owners.

Sponsor of the Real Life Business Lessons Masterclass


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