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Harvey Water Softeners

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Treat your family & home to beautifully softened water
It`s our mission to make your house sparklier, your cuppa tastier, your skin silkier and your clothes softer. All while saving you a few pennies too!

Softened water provides so many benefits to your home and family, from a shiny kitchen and bathroom to softer skin and hair.

Less limescale on kitchen and bathroom surfaces.
No residue left behind on glassware and crockery.
The introduction of softened water will make scale disappear to uncover beautiful surfaces that look brand new. Cleaning times will be reduced, meaning you can spend more time doing the things you love.

Simple soaps produce as much lather as bubble baths, more lather means you can use fewer abrasive products on your skin
There is no residue left on the skin
Help keep your skin in tip-top condition by soothing it with softened water. You can see improvements in dry skin conditions, such as eczema.
If you don`t get a lovely lather with shower gel and soaps, it`s because the minerals in hard water don`t mix as well with the products you use. You will end up using more to compensate. As well as being costly, this can irritate skin further, especially if you suffer from eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis.
The residue left behind by the minerals can cause irritation, clog pores and contribute to itchy, dry skin. This can be especially problematic for those with sensitive skin.
The introduction of softened water can improve these conditions, as it is doesn`t contain as many minerals. You will notice that because products lather better and rinse off easier, your skin will feel silky smooth.

With no hard water running through your appliances there will be no scale
Scale can fur up heating elements
Appliances will become more efficient and last longer
While keeping yourself in good nick, don`t neglect the appliances. With softened water scale will slowly diminish, making them more efficient while living a longer, happier life.

It isn`t always noticeable, but scale build up over time on appliances can impact the way they work and how long they last. From kettles to boilers, hard water runs through them and scales them up over time.

Pipes descale over time making your hot water system more efficient
You will use fewer products throughout the home, saving money
Household appliances last longer
With softened water, pipes will descale over time and your whole heating system will become more efficient, meaning you save money in the long run. Go on, treat yourself.

When hard water is heated up it forms scale around the heat source. The most obvious place for this scale build-up is in the kettle, where you can actually see the white residue furring up the heating element. Now, this happening inside your hot water system. You can`t see it, and you definitely can`t clean it easily.
The thick layer of scale needs to be heated before the water, using more energy and resulting in higher gas and electricity consumption. Once a heat source is scaled up it can`t work as efficiently. The more water you heat, the more scale you produce and more energy is required - it is a vicious cycle.
Softened water will return your heating elements to full working efficiency, keeping them that way for good. Reducing the amount of energy reduces the amount of money you spend on fuel bills, with a huge cost saving.

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