Chris Goodman

Since swapping an insurance career in a sleepy south-coastal town for a sales career in the hustle & bustle of London 14 years ago, Chris has had quite the journey. Working mostly with start-up and small businesses, he even ran 2 of his own, including one that lasted almost 4 years. He’s made the mistakes and learned from them and is now on a mission to educate and inform professionals in the same boat he has been in. Now a Director of an innovative and disruptive online accountancy firm, he tells his story from the other side, sharing insights that your accountant might not want you to know.

Business Accountancy and Compliance? How to avoid the headache!

Starting or running a small business or micro entity in the current climate can be fraught with obstacles, with accountancy and compliance being at the forefront. In this session, Chris will offer insight into how these can be managed, the pressures overcome and what needs to be understood; in an informative and occasionally humorous manner. Don’t bury this under the carpet, arm yourself with what you need to tackle it.


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