Five reasons you need a sponsorship licence

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Any UK company looking to employ someone from outside the EEA (European Economic Area) needs a sponsorship licence in order for that employee to legally be able to work in the country. Whether the person is coming to your business for a short-term contract or long-term work, as their employer you will need sponsorship licence for their visa to be endorsed.

Obtaining a sponsorship licence is a surprisingly straightforward process for any business that doesn’t have any unspent criminal convictions for immigration offences or certain other crimes, such as fraud or money laundering. And the potential benefits for any business looking to get a sponsorship licence can potentially be transformative…

Expanding your recruitment talent pool

Recruitment is one of the first principles of business, a sponsorship licence means your recruitment search is no longer limited to the UK. If your search for the right candidate is limited to people allowed to work in the country than you’re dismissing a plethora of potentially great employees whose only disadvantage is being born in the wrong country. A sponsorship licence says that you’re ready to entertain every potential candidate for that important position in your company.

Protecting post-Brexit

Brexit is one the most momentous changes to our country in the past half-century and one of the biggest changes with Brexit is the halt of free movement from the EU to the UK. This means the rights of current and potential European employees living in the United Kingdom are going to change come 2019 (Brexit closing) if you have European workers in your company taking the initial steps to getting a sponsorship licence will assure your employees that their place in the company will be settled after Brexit.

Company expansion

Getting a licence to sponsor new employees coming to the country allows you to keep up with the 29,000 other companies in the UK that are currently in possession of a sponsorship licence. Applying for one now will not only show the world your company is ready to play on a global stage but that the growth of your company is factored in.

Global perspective

An internationally diverse workforce now plays a massive part in the success of a company. The amalgamation of your employee’s knowledge and experience from across the globe will provide you with a unique perspective on how your company can adapt to a global market. Sponsoring your international employees will also provide you with a workforce that knows you care enough to them to ensure their future within the company.

Be ahead of the curve

Looking into applying for a sponsorship licence now will inevitability put you ahead of the curve when it comes to Brexit. Getting a sponsorship licence now will cut through the red tape and means that you won’t have to wait for the government to keep updating the rules before you can start employing people internationally.

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